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An angry 7th-grader’s notebook


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  1. Gat says:

    “Oh, you can’t decide what kind of tattoo you want, but still feel the need to engrave your skin? Here’s some darts, throw them at that wall over there and we’ll use what you hit.”

  2. ninjagato says:

    I have no words

  3. vomit knife says:

    This would make a good lampshade.

  4. ronthewolfman says:

    really need a full frontal and a mugshot to appreciate what kind of a idiot would put this permanently on their body.

  5. udumbass says:

    what a dumbass get a real tatt oh wait you will have to pay more than $1.50 .. dumbass

  6. me says:

    No, f*ck you stupid bitch.

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  8. whitenoise says:

    At least it’s on her leg and can be covered by pants when she comes to her senses.

  9. me says:

    Can someone tell me what that jibberish shit is? Is that some schizo person doing that?

  10. gothchiq says:

    who desecrated that nice thigh with that stupid crap?

  11. Cole says:


    Shits all over Tumblr

  12. frankie says:

    i actually kinda like it

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