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  1. pcfriedrich says:


    This website is alot more fun since I registered and can post comments now. Took me long enough.

  2. Rat says:

    That tattoo isn’t toooooo bad,,.! I mean it is, but you know, no spelling mistakes and it looks quite neat.

  3. Claudio says:

    I thought that most of the parts used to build this cars were made in Asia. I may be wrong and then again……. 😉

  4. Danielle says:

    ummmm….these are no longer American companies….

  5. Loki says:

    sad to say there’s really very little made in america. if it is, it’s not made by real americans. and yes, most parts come from other countries. welcome to the 3rd world….

  6. NoTatsForMe says:

    He misspelled it: should be ” ‘murka”.

  7. DaniO says:

    Ummmm….I hope he is getting paid for having all those logos on his back…

  8. dyno.girl says:

    Chevrolet was originally started in France.

    Dodge has gone bankrupt.

    Ford is the only true car company, since the beginning they have held their own and built powerful and beautiful machines. Plus, never once needed to rely on another company or declare bankruptcy.

  9. Tattoo says:

    i want to get a tattoo, a small one..i want a rose with the symbol for ‘life’ (the meaning of my name) worked into it somehow..what do you guys think?…and does anyone have any pictures? i can’t find a good one..thanks
    I am going to have something origonal..thats my whole point..i have been to a few tattoo artists and they have told me to find the two pictures i want and they will combine thats what im doing now..thanks guys..please only serious answers

  10. TropicBlue says:

    hate to tell you this dumb ass but there is no more true American car .. there loaded with jap parts
    and that goes for all you buy american bike idiots…

  11. pcfriedrich says:

    Any vehicle you buy is assembled in one country (probably not the one the company is based in), from parts from all over the world.

  12. owl says:

    Love it! Buy American or its Bye Bye America!

  13. NamSun says:

    this guy probably drives a hyundai lol

  14. bagels says:

    F’n redneck

  15. Klaus says:

    All these auto companies are going to fail

  16. Cyanide says:

    Dear tattoo….( a commenter from above) … this is a comment section on a singular picture of a tattoo…. NOT A FORUM…. your question will most likely continue to be ignored …. as no one understands why you put it there…. just trying to be helpful…. go to your local STERILE tattoo shop and discuss it with them…. the internet is not the place to be trusting the opinions of people you cant even see….let alone DONT ASK WHAT YOU SHOULD GET ….on a tattoo website for BAD tattoos lol…. my sincere Best wishes to you in the future… hope you find the tattoo YOU WANT…. and not one that some slobbery fat guy in a thong wrote to you mid-mouthed full of nacho cheese while his fingers stick to the keyboard and he struggles to type. . . make it your own…. Make it Count… Check the spelling …and dont end up on this site.

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