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50 Cent, Nas, and Dr. Dre

And yes, these are all on the same dude.

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  1. liz Hatchet says:

    Whats wrong with white people getting black people tattooed on them…? Random entertainers and not the most talented on top of that…

  2. trav says:

    Correction all fat WHITE WOMEN!!!!! And the rest you r correct about

  3. liz says:

    Is that eminem at the bottom of Nas? Smh

  4. Whatever says:

    It’s a little gay to get portraits of men’s faces on your body. Unless they are your dead relative.

  5. Loki says:

    they really do all look the same

  6. LOSERS says:

    someone really gangsta. they’ll be dead soon.

  7. Dan E says:

    The tattoos themselves aren’t that bad. They might not be picture perfect but at least the artist made them recognizable and captured their likeness.

  8. sodeypop says:

    50 cent sucks but Nas is great.

  9. Moe Dirt says:

    50 – Ok. NAS – Fail, doesn’t look like him at all. Dre – Good work.

  10. ayn says:

    These tats show both the stupidity of the person AND the talent of the artist.

  11. Jamie says:

    Nas looks more like ray j

  12. Bobby says:

    The last one looks like Don Cheadle.

  13. Bracho says:

    LOL! They all lool like Chris Rock

  14. Jack Goff says:

    They can say it’s anyone they want it to be. I mean look, they all look the same. At least the artist got that right.

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