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  1. BJ says:

    Nice stretch marks

  2. Thomas says:

    ^ I 1st thought those stretch marks were 2 thumbs lol

  3. mn_mom says:

    That’ll be easy to explain to her illegitimate kids later in life….

  4. Cgirl says:

    Those are thumbs. Though still a really dumb tattoo.

  5. Elizadeath says:

    Why do people advertsie, especially with a permanent tattoo, that they use illegal drugs? I’m not judging for smoking pot, I smoke it myself to help with pain from a spinal injury. It helps me to keep my painkiller use down to a minimum, but I would never even wear a t-shirt that says I use it, much less get a tattoo that does. That’s just asking for trouble. This is a really dumb tattoo.

  6. Slave says:

    @Elizadeath, Juggalo, nuff said

  7. Slave says:

    Juggalos are not know for their intellect!

  8. Rob says:

    ^^^^^neither is slave. I tthink you meant ‘known’.

  9. nw juggalo says:

    whoop whoop way to show the love,mcl

  10. HarleenQuinzel says:

    Dumbass Juggalos.

  11. Liam says:

    Harley, that is a repetitive statement, like saying yum tasty.

  12. HarleenQuinzel says:

    Liam, oops, you are correct.
    My bad.

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